As Chief Operating Officer at Aim2Assist, Monica Hoyos Hodson, works closely with the CEO, Mary Marsh on the day-to-day general mangement and operations of the company.  

Monica has varied professional experience in a major telecom company and a major non-profit organization with
responsabilities ranging from developing custom training programs to assisting the national chair of the non-profit. In addition to her role as COO of Aim2Assist, Monica is also a Qualified Community and Medical Interpreter in the Spanish Language for one of the largest hospitals in Central Florida. Monica’s leadership skills, integrity and motivation to help others drives her to succeed. Monica is passionate about helping those truly in need by giving back to the community.  

Monica received dual bachelor’s degrees in Communications as well as Spanish from Old Dominion University and is working to continue her professional education focusing on leadership and management programs. She currently lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband and one child. In her spare
she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, going to the beach, exercising, volunteering at her child’s school and a local non-profit organization, as well as attending professional men’s and women’s soccer matches.   

"Fast, furious and amazing - we couldn't execute on all our tasks without the support of Mary at Aim2Assist."

Shaherose Charania
CEO and Co-Founder, Women 2.0


"Mary and her team are on top of everything I need to get done. From scheduling multiple busy stakeholders to researching products, restaurants, venues for meetings. They turn around things quickly, never ever let a task pass undone. Very impressive and my secret weapon for my business!"

Lucie Richter
Senior Partner, Future Medical Systems


"Over the past 15+ months, my team and I have worked closely with Mary in a variety of capacities. The pride she takes in delivering a first class experience for not only us, but more importantly our customers as well, is the total difference-maker. She is prompt, courteous, owns her mistakes (as rare they may be), and asks the right clarifying questions. She approaches her work and is building a business with a degree of thoughtfulness not found in many other places. She is an extension of our brand and I would not hesitate to recommend her & team to help promote yours."

Dan Strickland
Platform & Operations,
Bloomberg Beta 


What our Clients are saying about us...

Mandy White, CMP is a certified meeting planner with over 10 years of experience in her field. Whether you are planning a Manager’s conference or a 100th anniversary for your company, Mandy and her team can handle the task. They consistently prove to exceed your expectations and assist you in taking your events to the next level. Please contact us to discuss your needs and receive a customized proposal.

Naomi Davis brings 14 years of specialized client support across a broad spectrum of areas of expertise to include executive support, strategic planning, project management, research, and analysis, as well as human resource management. She has established herself with her clients as a "go to" person and applies her knack for attention to detail to every task; no task being to small. Naomi realizes that the clients and the personnel have equally important roles in creating a successful team dynamic and works to ensure that both receive the support they require.


VP, Event Management


VP, Human Resources

Founder / CEO

By today’s standards and in some circles, I suppose one could say I come from a big family and, thinking back to when I was growing up, our family was larger than most; most of my friends came from families no larger than five. There were six of us; my parents, myself (the oldest), my brother and identical twin sisters.

We were the typical middle-class family; both parents had to work to “make ends meet”. Growing up, we always had what we needed and it was always enough but of course, as kids, we didn’t think so.  We were taught that in order to get the extra things we wanted, we had to earn them. We each earned an allowance, it was never given to us; my brother mowed ours and the neighbor’s lawns, the twins did little jobs for Mom and I babysat for the couple down the street.

My mother sometimes worked a second job in the evenings and my father worked overtime for a few weeks here and there over the years; it was normal to see our parents always working so hard – it was a way of life for all of us. As children, we knew not to ask for much; instead, we asked what we could do to earn the things we wanted because it was expected of us. Years later, I learned my parents worked overtime and evening jobs during the month of December; it was the only way they could afford to give their 4 children a nice Christmas.

At 14, I was hired as a counter clerk at the only Dairy Queen in Orlando, FL in 1972; my very first, 
real job. I was paid $1.00/hour and I couldn’t have been more pleased with myself!  Can you imagine a 14-year old with all of that ice cream!  I kept that job for more than 2 years, working 50 hours/week; every day after school until closing and every weekend. As long as I kept my grades up, I was allowed to keep my job and my earnings for spending money; my weekly paychecks were $50.00.  When I left Dairy Queen at 16, I was making $1.20/hour. 

Fast forward 40 years….

I founded and launched Aim2Assist on December 19, 
2014 and became its CEO; I wore all the “hats” for the first 1 ½+ years and at the end of the 2nd year, the company was completely self-supporting, was operating on a small profit and had grown 32%. 

I am very proud of the work we have accomplished, with a lot of help from Up Above. I’ve been blessed with the drive, determination and the will to do whatever it takes to make this company a success; with the unwavering faith and belief that we will succeed and that giving in or giving up is never an option. 

I’m grateful for the amazing team standing with me, day after day, for whom I feel a deep affinity and enormous respect.  It’s incredibly reassuring when you know without a doubt that you can trust and depend on each and every member of your team to always make right decisions based on what’s the very best for the company, its 
and contractors. 

I was taught the value of hard work and shown strong work ethics at a very young age; my parents continued to set that example throughout their lives and my own. To learn years later that my children always received high praise from their respective employers was, and still is, an amazing feeling. 

“Be the example you desire to see.”